In Thailand, funerals are a major aspect of the culture. At the time of death, as well as at the time of cremation or burial, rituals and ceremonies follow centuries-old traditions and beliefs. People who follow the Buddhist faith observe a variety of rituals during their funeral services, all of which are intended to aid the deceased on their journey to a better place after death. The importance of funeral ceremonies in Thailand has not changed, despite the introduction of some modern traditions. Find out everything about Thai funeral rites and rituals.

Who Can Participate in a Thai Funeral Ceremony?

A funeral can be attended by anyone, even children. Only a select group of attendees is anticipated to actively participate. Residents of the deceased’s home, family members, monks, and other officials in charge of the rites will all have a role to perform throughout the ceremony. The persons closest to the deceased are the most significant participants in the funeral rites.

What to Expect at a Thai Funeral Service?

The dead body is washed as the first stage. Water and salt are used to wash the body, signifying the forgiveness of one’s sins. Also, the body is clad in clean attire. The family members of the deceased are required to help clean the body during the bathing ceremony. The awarding of merit is an important part of the burial service. This is accomplished by donating food and money to the monks. It is possible to include donating food to the needy as part of the merit-making ritual.

Cremation in Thailand

Cremation is favored when the deceased is a child, is dying, or is over the age of 80. Use of firewood is required in order to carry out traditional cremation procedures. There are funeral homes with cremation services for those who have chosen cremation. Ashes used to be thrown into running water as well, according to custom.

Burial Rituals in Thailand

In any case, the grieving family members spend a 49-day period of silence and reflection. These days, they’re supposed to refrain from participating in any sort of holiday celebration. After a specific monk ceremony, water is poured and sandalwood plants are planted in the dwelling of the departed. The departed’s virtues are symbolized by the sandalwood trees. Good luck charms are also said to keep the home safe from harm. The Thai funeral rites come to an end at this point.


Funeral rites in Thailand follow centuries-old traditions and beliefs. The bathing of the body, the making of merit, the donation of alms to monks, and the cremation or burial of the body are all important aspects. The special monk ceremony is meant to mark the end of the mourning period and the transition into a new life. With coverage from Rabbit Care, be prepared for any unanticipated illness that may arise regarding expat health in Thailand. At Rabbit Care, we offer a variety of services to help you through this difficult time at the appropriate time, as well as services to safeguard you from some of the unforeseen problems that may arise.


The Complete Guide on Thai Funeral Rituals